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Best self-guided cycle tours around Bordeaux - established 2008


The company - Bordeaux Cycle Tours Limited.

The company was established by Graham Davidson – your host in Bordeaux – after a mis-spent middle age in community development and an early retirement hosting cycle tours in Austria. His love affair with the city of Bordeaux and all things Bordelais had begun almost 40 years before when he first stumbled upon the city while on his way to pick grapes in the Sauternes area .

Four seasons of early mornings and sticky fingers did not dull his enthusiasm, or deter him from returning in later years on various decrepit bikes for cycling tours and to ‘check the quality of the summer wine’. Nowadays while the bike is new, it’s the legs pushing the pedals that are decrepit. (Perhaps, too much sampling of the summer wine?).

Bordeaux Cycle Tours Limited trading as Cyclebordeaux

Incorporated as a private limited company in England and Wales with the number 06767998 Registered address of 20 Avenue Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands B14 7TH


Telephone (UK) 0121 288 1950 – this is a skype number that we can receive in Bordeaux. If we are out of the office please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can (But much better is to just email (use the Contact Us page), include a landline and tell us a good time to call you.


The guarantees Bordeaux Cycle Tours offers its guests

Your payments

Bordeaux Cycle Tours is a provider of a ‘holiday package’ as defined by the Package Travel Regulations 1992 so all payments by clients are held in a trust account until your holiday is completed.*


We have no interest in selling you insurance but it is a condition of the purchase of one of our tours that clients hold insurance that covers them for cycling on ‘surfaced routes’. and any third party liability that may arise. Those same PTR 1992, referred to above also require that we as a tour operator “provide the consumer with information about an insurance policy to cover the cost of cancellation by the consumer or the cost of assistance, including emergency repatriation, in the event of illness which the consumer may, if he wishes, take out in respect of the risk of those costs being incurred.” (See regulation 8 (2) (d).). We fulfill our obligations to you under the regulations by informing you about a policy but it is your entirely your decision whether you take out this additional cover..

Your Privacy

Bordeaux Cycle Tours has a simple privacy policy with regard to information we collect from guests or indeed any visitors to the site. This can be summarised as: We guarantee to respect your privacy by not passing that information on to any third party (with the exception of essential contact details in case of accident or ill health or those few items e.g. vegetarian diet that we may have to disclose to your hosts), without your express permission. That is the summary. The full statement can be read at ‘Our Privacy Policy’ which is at the foot of every page.

Your Bicycles

The bicycles we provide are hybrids (fairly upright riding position with ’normal’ handlebars best suited to gentle cycle touring on surfaced routes) with 18-21 gears that easily deal with the gentle gradients found on our routes. They includes recent or current Giant and Decathlon models. Children’s bikes can be provided (our family cycle tour is suitable for some children as young as 8). Of course you may choose to bring your own bikes and naturally we will offer all the assistance we can, but spares might be a problem if the make or model is not popular in France.


Our Champagne Promise

We have absolute confidence in our bikes so we have no hesitation in saying that if you have a problem and we cannot fix it right away when we come out to you we will put you on a replacement bike and give you a bottle of champagne to help you ‘recover from the trauma‘. The only ’small print’ in that promise is that you sort out punctures yourself. Be assured they don’t happen often. Never changed an inner tube? We give you a quick tutorial and supply a spare inner tube.

It would be a shame to ruin your eyesight with all this fine print before you have had a chance to look at some of our cycle tours, so if you haven’t already identified the sort of tour you want you may be better off having a look at Our Cycle Tours page to get an idea of what’s available. The terms and conditions will still be there when you get back.

The terms on which we do business

The terms and conditions are set out in a document (‘Terms & Conditions’) that can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of any page (this one included).